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Sponsorship requires hard work, dedication and professionalism. In order for your team to qualify for a sponsorship review, you must meet the following minimum qualification:

  • Provide an active and updated Team Roster.

  • Participate in at least 6 major events or 9 smaller local/ regional events.

  • A complete list of all events played as a team, and how you placed.

  • Provide your home field location where your team conducts most of its practices in between events.

  • Team participates in at least 1 charity or community event a year where you give back to your local community.

If you are interested in a team sponsorship and would love to promote all the amazing things the Empirical Community is providing, please submit your request using the submission form below and be sure to answer all the minimum qualification items mentioned or how the team plans on meeting these qualifications.


Thanks! Message sent.

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